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Network Printers
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What print connectivity options do we offer?


TIS can set up printers for school sites as needed through a USB connections but we are not able to add new network printers (Ethernet & Wireless)to the District network.



The District will need to adopt a print management solution to support these types of requests.


What is a print management solution:


A network printer management solution is a software or hardware system that helps organizations manage and control their printers, often across multiple locations or departments. This type of solution allows IT administrators to monitor printer usage, track print jobs, and manage printer settings remotely from a centralized console. Network printer management solutions can help organizations save time and money by reducing printer downtime, improving print quality, and optimizing printer usage. Additionally, some solutions offer security features such as user authentication and access control to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized printing. Overall, a network printer management solution can help organizations streamline their printing processes and improve overall efficiency.


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Why do we need a print management solution?


Without a network printer management solution, we may experience a number of challenges related to Printing. Some of the issues that can arise include:


  1. Inefficient printer usage: Without a centralized management solution, it can be difficult to track how many printers are in use and how often they are being utilized. This can lead to wasted resources and increased costs.

  2. Poor print quality: When printers are not properly maintained and managed, print quality can suffer. This can result in wasted paper, ink or toner, and reduced productivity.

  3. Security risks: Without proper controls in place, printers can become a security risk. Unsecured printers can be used to print sensitive information, which can be intercepted or viewed by unauthorized users.

  4. Inability to control costs: Without a management solution, it can be difficult to monitor printing costs and usage. This can lead to overuse of resources and increased expenses.

  5. Lack of scalability: As organizations grow and add more printers, managing them individually becomes increasingly difficult. Without a management solution, it can be challenging to scale and adapt to changing printing needs.


Overall, not having a network printer management solution can lead to inefficiencies, security risks, and increased costs. It is important to have a centralized system in place to ensure optimal printing performance and control.

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