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New and Existing IP Device Installs
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TIS is only responsible for the maintenance and management of existing IP devices in current occupiable AUSD locations.



As reflected in the LCAP:



TIS is responsible for managing and maintaining existing infrastructure.


When a new location comes online, i.e., interim housing, the contractor must install a new IP device(s) (OFCI).


This includes but is not limited to the following IP end devices:


IP-based End Devices:

1. Wireless Access Points (WAPS)

2. VOIP Phones

3. Projectors

4. Extron Systems

5. Cameras

6. PA Clock Speakers


California Education Code, Section 17077.10 requires a telephone to be provided to the classroom in new construction school facilities or those that are being modernized when state funding is being used. This same code requires the classrooms to be able to dial out directly to 911.


Examples of New and Existing

  • New installation:

A new building or trailer is brought in that does not currently have structured cabling and IP-based devices. It is the responsibility of the cabling/technology contractor and/or vendor to install IP-based systems in the building. 

  • Existing Room / Location:

TIS is responsible for an IP device when a staff member is moved from an existing location to another existing location.


Example: Teacher A moves from building C room 210, to (an existing AUSD managed location) building B room 3.


Any work done in the past (previous bond) by TIS to support a new installation only came as a courtesy due to the requirement being overlooked or descoped during the planning stage (MLA).  

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