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E1 Attendance Code
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Mental Health Excused Absence ‘E1’


➢ When should attendance staff use ‘E1’?
Staff should use the mental health code when a student has been absent for purposes of mental or
behavioral health. If it is prior to having reached the maximum days of allowable absence, the reason
can be stated by parent/guardian/caretaker and/or it can be accompanied by a note from a medical
provider inclusive of but not limited to therapist, mental agency, and or clinic.
Note: Attendance staff should also inquire what the reason for an absence is. If the stated reason is
mental health, they do not need to inquire further, but may report it to the school administrator.

➢ Are E1 codes verifiable?
Yes. E1 codes may be updated to verified absence ‘V’ if a note from a medical professional has been

➢ Are there limitations to how many instances that the ‘E1’ code may be used?
No. Similar to excused absences coded ‘E’, mental health excused absences may be assigned by the
site administrator when appropriate and will count toward a student’s total excused absence count.


➢ Will ‘E1’ be included in the Excessive Excused Absence count?
Yes. E1 will count toward the total number of excused absences earned.

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