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How to Guide: (LDS) Lost / Damaged / Stolen Devices
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This document is a comprehensive guide for managing recording device breakages within an educational setting, specifically using the PowerSchool system. It provides a step-by-step procedure for documenting device damages, un-assigning the damaged units, and assigning new ones. The guide also outlines the financial responsibilities that fall upon the students and their families in case of device loss or damage, complete with the costs for different types of devices. This protocol aims to streamline the administrative process and ensure accountability, thereby facilitating efficient resolution of device-related issues.


Damaged / Lost Devices

District technology devices are assigned to each student within Powerschool.  All lost or damaged devices are the student's responsibility and are to be paid for at the time of loss or damage.  Payments questions can be directed to the Business Services Division at (626)943.6540. Failure to pay for lost or damaged devices may result in withholding school privileges and report cards.  (BP 3515.4, BP 5131.5, EC 48904). 


Device types: 

  • Chromebooks 

  • PC Laptops 


Repairs and Replacement cost: 



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The provided text outlines various sections of the California Education Code (EC) that pertain to "Lost or Damaged Instructional Material Liability." Here is a summary of the key points:

EC Section 60010 (h): Defines "instructional materials" as any resources designed for use by students and teachers to facilitate learning. These can be printed or non-printed items like textbooks, technology-based materials, and tests.
EC Section 60119(c)(1): States that each student should have sufficient, standards-aligned instructional materials for use in class and at home.

Parental Liability:
EC Section 48904(a)(1): Holds parents or guardians financially responsible for willful damage or non-return of school property, up to $10,000. This does not apply to wear and tear or manufacturing defects.

Consequences for Students:
EC Section 48904 (b)(1): Allows schools to withhold grades, diplomas, and transcripts from students who willfully damage or do not return school property until the damages are paid for.
EC Section 48904 (b)(2): Outlines the due process for students, including written notification to parents and the option for students to "work off" the cost of damages if they cannot pay.
EC Section 48904(b)(3): Requires school districts to establish local policies for implementing these rules.

Other Important Points:
EC Section 60070: Prohibits school officials from requiring students to purchase any instructional materials.

District-Specific Policy Considerations:
Students must have access to textbooks both in the classroom and at home. Withholding textbooks or restricting their use to the library could be problematic.
Parental notification and the opportunity for students to "work off" the cost of materials are mandatory.
This information provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the legal responsibilities and consequences related to instructional materials in California schools.


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