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Chromebook Keyboard Output Wrong Letters
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Don't panic if a student is having trouble with Chromebook keyboard malfunctioning. 

If the keyboard input is not as what you pressed on the keyboard, there is a easy fix for that. 


1. On the sign in page without actually signing in. Locate the time clock at the bottom right hand corner, and click on the clock please. 





2. A window will pop up and you will see some circle icons, one of them will say "Keyboard".  Below the word "keyboard" will show which input option is currently selected.  A lot of time it will says "CO".  
    It should says "US".

    If it doesn't says US, then please and go ahead press on the keyboard icon.




3. After you press on the keyboard icon a list of input method will pop up, and you should see the correct input method English (US) on the very top. Once selected, you should see a blue checker mark next to it. 





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