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Entering Fees in PowerSchool
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1.  Select the student


2.  Select Fee Transactions in left hand menu


3.  Put in a total in District Fee Balance (Format: 12.34 - DO NOT USE $


4.  Fill in Log Box: Please place your fees on a separate line if there are existing fees. Additionally, please include the school and department from which your fee is from as well as a contact phone number.


  •      School/Dept, Name/Ext, Date Entered, Short Fee Description, Fee Owed
  •     AHS Bank, John x1234, 1/23/09, ASB Fee, $13
  •     MKHS Library, Jane x4321, 1/25/09, Late Fees, $5
  •     SGHS Student Service, June x2468, 1/28/09, Restitution, $200


5.  Select Submit to save the fees. 


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