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How to Submit a Teacher Log Entry

[Click to for Instructions on creating a Log Entry][1] [1]:

ThinkCentral and CMP3 Resources

Below are some resources for ThinkCentral and CMP3. **CMP3 Resources** [Instructions for Teachers to Access Connected Mathematics Project 3 (CMP3) Through EasyBridge][1] **ThinkCentral Resources** [ThinkCentral - Teacher Login][2] [ThinkCentral - Student Login][3] [ThinkCentral Adaptive Products 2019-20][4] […

Nearpod Quick Links for Teachers

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Google Classroom Module

[ gEwtRk/edit?usp=sharing][1] [1]:

PowerSchool Seating Chart

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Netop Module for Teachers

[ WcUYGQ/edit#slide=id.g7c3e060f6e_0_1369][1] [1]:

Clever Login for Teachers

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